Some Essential Tips for First Time Boat Buyers

Sailboats for SaleWhen you get bit by that boating bug, you will certainly understand that nothing else matters other than getting out on the open seas with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. The excitement of being a boat owner often consumes a first time buyer and blinds them from some of the important choices that need to be made before putting the boat in the water.

The following tips for first time boat buyers will help you to get the right vessel for you when you start looking for boats for sale and also allow you to make the most of your time on the water.

Choosing the Right Size Boat
Most first time boat buyers make the mistake of just purchasing any boat without thinking things through. If you are only entertaining family and a few friends each week, you don’t need to go too big, and by the same token, if you plan on taking out a huge group of friends each trip, a small boat will get crowded and uncomfortable fast. Take time to look past this year and see how many people will be traveling with you, then make the choice as to the size of your boat.  Check out how to search for boats by size at!

Buying Used vs. New
Although you get full warranty plans with a new boat, you also get to pay a higher price. Consider that many first time boat owners get in over their heads, and once they decide they want out, they want out quickly. This is a great opportunity to find a slightly used boat, complete with trailer and many added accessories, for a deal of a lifetime. These sellers just want out, and you could score a huge deal at a fraction of what new would cost.

Trip to the Boat Show
Take some time to see where the next boat show will be near your area, then head out and get inside some of those boats. Nothing compares to actually stepping foot inside a boat and getting to see hands-on what all the unique features of each boat offers. If nothing else, you can imagine how much room is available for your family and friends, and if the boat is too small for your needs. Better to find out at the boat show than after you own your new boat. Visit the worlds largest boat show!

Buying a boat is a long-term commitment, don’t rush into a decision or feel pressured that this deal may not be around tomorrow. There are plenty of boats both new and used on the market, do your homework, consider your needs, and then have fun after you get your boat in the water.